Mile 0 medallion marking the beginning of the Great Allegheny Passage in Cumberland, MD
Mile 0 medallion marking the beginning of the Great Allegheny Passage in Cumberland, MD
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daily mileage

How do you estimate your daily mileage?

One important question to ask yourself is how many miles do I feel comfortable riding each day? No matter what your riding experience, you will likely average somewhere between 8-10 miles an hour. One effective way to estimate your daily miles is to decide how many hours a day you feel comfortable in the saddle. Every 10 miles equals one hour on the bike. Using this formula, a 50 mile day would roughly equate to five hours in the saddle. Planning to ride around 35-60 mile days is reasonable. A trip plan with consecutive 50+ miles days or single 60+ mile days is aggressive.

Below is a sample itinerary for my latest ride from Pittsburgh to DC. No camping on this ride...just hotels and B&B's. 

  • Pittsburgh - Ohiopyle (75 miles)
  • Ohiopyle - Cumberland (75 miles)
  • Cumberland - Hancock (60 miles)
  • Hancock - Harpers Ferry (63 miles)
  • Harpers Ferry - Washington DC (61 miles)

Trail speed limit 15 mph

An advanced cyclist can maintain an average speed of 13-15 mph provided that they're not loaded down with too much gear.  Advanced cyclists can typically ride more miles each day, but bicycle tour companies manage their daily mileage between 30 and 50 per day.

Pick your Trail Towns 

There are trail towns roughly every ten miles so it's likely that you won't be stopping at every one.  Refer to the Trail Town page to locate the towns that provide the services you need.

Once you have an idea of your daily riding distances, identify the towns that fit into your mileage range and provide the services that you require.  Use the mileage chart below as a reference.  From there you can research the lodging and restaurant options.

Mileage chart

Use this chart to project your daily riding distances.

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